I would recommend that you read the Her Billionaires books all four of them and It’s Complicated first as this is a continuation of the story.
I always like to read more of a story when I like the characters and in this one it continues for Mike, Dylan, Laura and Alex and Josie. And this one is just as steamy sexy and funny as the others. I really loved this story. Julia Kent did a wonderful job.

There are 8 books in this boxed set and I haven’t read the others yet but they sound great and I will be starting on them next.
YOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox, YIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille, THREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye, TAKEN BY STORM by Opal Carew, HOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by Daire St. Denis, THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by Vivi Anna and ANYTHING HE WANTS: ATONEMENT by Sara Fawkes
All of the authors are great



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